Friday, March 23, 2007

Why not?

Shay Alkalay revisited bears as tools: as bin bags and as vacum cleaner bags.

Bin Bag Bear

A simple employee at the council rubbish disposal services had a peculiar imagination: he could see teddy bears in every object he observed. As a child he would stare at the clouds imagining that he could see teddy bears in the sky… and today...everywhere, even the black bin bags looked like teddy bears to him.
No one at work could stand his excited cries every time he shouted 'look at that bear...look at that one...don't throw it into the garbage crusher… nooooo!..'
Of course he was fired from his job, lost his family and friends and became homeless. Yet even though many people thought he was strange, none of them would admit that they too saw the teddy bear bin bags dumped around the streets of London.

Hoover Bag Bears

More on the Hoover Bears by Regine on wmmna.

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