Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The international fashion machines company, ifmachines, created by Dr Margaret Orth, has over 10 years experience in putting technology on the body. As a student at the MIT Media Laboratory in 2000, Maggie invented the Music Shapers, squeezable instruments, which allow players to mold, transform, and explore musical material and compositions.

Music Shappers

IFM provides private research and development in e-textiles to industry and the military. Our facilities include electronics test and measurement equipment and textile equipment, including looms and embroidery machines. We have over 10 years experience prototyping and developing a variety of conductive fabrics for a variety of application

The company produces Pompom that one can squeeze to turn a light on and off, dimmer switches and fuzzy sensor developer kit designed for Toy Developers and Fashion Developers. The kit includes 1 PomPom, 1 Tufted Sensor, 1 Sensing Circuit that lights LED and buzzes.

fuzzy sensor developer kit

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