Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thinking about blogs

Since I met Régine Debatty and Nicolas Nova in Switzerland in June 2005, I am a blog addict. I love this form of communication, research tool, inspirational and everyday snack. I am convinced of the polarity of the blog community, because at first one can discover blogs based on interests and also networking, but it is hard to know what's out there from another side of the spectrum. I wish some machine learning algorithm could propose a set of blogs that corresponds to what I could never find based on my network and related to my interests. I love the unrelated-related. Too much polarization kills inspiration.

So it is very nice to read: "Architectradure: can you be in love with a blog? I don’t know, but Cati Vaucelle’s blog is a fascinating rollcall of invention and digital innovation that springs from her research at MIT Media Lab, and life in general" [link] and to receive a thinking Blog Award from kuipercliff, a blog that I follow regularly. I try to always blog for my personal PhD research, on what inspires me, and to post even unfinished work for critics and comments. I am happy that this process is useful for others.

In response to the thinking blog nomination, I would like to mention blogs that make me think a lot. To respect the spirit of this initiative, I will avoid mentioning blogs that are already well known or already nominated. I also picked different blog themes on purpose. I read lots of blogs in French that I find awesome, but hard to translate efficiently in English.

♥ One of my favorite French blog is the one of Etienne Mineur. Completely inspirational graphically, there is a thread of personal tastes that I enjoy. I find always useful information in the world of graphic and interactive design. His blog is already very popular in France, so maybe i am breaking a bit the spirit of the initiative, but it is worth expanding the frontiers of this blog to an international community.
♥ Olivier Vaubourg started Teratoblog, a blog on sociology and politics. He posts summary and analysis of books, a must read. He created another blog for which he shares his many years of research on the relationship between generations. The two blogs are written in French, but offer English and German translations.
♥ Yasmine Abbas has an exquisite blog on nomadic culture. She explores everything from the pure nomad, the neo-nomad, and the anti-nomad.
♥ Another blog I constantly look at is idealist for its refreshing and fun picks in product design, findings that you never discover on any other blogs. Idealist also created design corner, a feed agregator for design that I find very useful.
♥ Finally I love the aesthetic choices of multimedia lab, a blog on numerical and visual art

Yeah guys and gal! You all won a thinking blog award! Just grab one of these two Thinking Blogger award icon and put it within your blog. I cannot wait to hear your recommendations!

Architectradure also got nominated by Turbulence! I wander if I can chose another 5 blogs I love, but isn't that obvious all the blogs that make me think?!

Writer Response Theory tagged us for the Thinking Blogger Award. The Thinking Blogger Award was introduced by Ilker Yoldas as a tag meme with meaning. His meme asks that you tag’5 Blogs That Make Me Think. Here are mine:

architectradure http://architectradure.blogspot.com/ cati vaucelle
crtiical spatial practice http://criticalspatialpractice.blogspot.com/ nicholas senn
ideant http://ideant.typepad.com/ideant/ ulises mejias
network research http://www.asquare.org/networkresearch/ garrett lynch
we make money not art by Régine Debatty, Sascha Pohflepp and Shin’ichi Konomi

Via Jo-Anne Green at Networked-Performance

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cati,

I think it's entirely within the spirit of the exercise to nominate non-English blogs. It's about time we anglophones were forced to look outside of our sub-set of the blogosphere, however large that sub-set may be. We shouldn't need 'bridge bloggers' to read French or Italian, should we? If only ideographic, Cyrillic scripts, etc, were easier to translate.

Good blog choices btw!

Olivier Vaubourg said...

Les bonnes idées ne se sont jamais aussi intéressante que lorsqu'elles sont partagées. Et contrairement aux objets et à l'argent, les idées voient leur valeur augmentée lorsqu'elles sont partagées. Mais encore faut-il qu'au départ elles soient de qualité ! D'où l'intérêt de cette initiative.

Bravo Cati pour ton Award bien mérité !
Merci pour ta nomination, ça fait très plaisir.

Ideas value grows by sharing them.
Keep sharing the idea of sharing good ideas !

Yaz said...

Hello Cati,

I just came across this recent post of yours! Congratulations on your nomination, and thank you for mentioning neo-nomad! As Olivier rightly says: ideas aren't that interesting until they are shared!

You are a big inspiration.