Sunday, April 15, 2007

Can a lamp blush?


Can a lamp blush because of your phone conversations? Apparently yes and this by being responsive to your emotions. Pitch detection during phone conversations triggers a red halo around the lamp shade.

I love objects with moods, with apparent intelligence and most especially responding emotionally. They seem to always exemplify our anthropomorphosis relationship to products. Now that objects can pretend being responsive with a technology seamlessly integrated, this relationship between people and tech-products can completely be taken advantage of.

Blush is an example I think of this nature, made by Nadine Jarvis + Jayne Potter.

The light blushes in response to the emotional pitch of a mobile phone conversation. It is activated by the EMF emitted from a mobile phone. It continues blushing for 5 minutes after the call has ended, prolonging the memory of the otherwise transient conversation.

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