Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More bad guys

More guys are doing bad stuff on the web. This time amazon noir.

Amazon Noir was scripted as a internet-movie. The whole digital action (media hack) was carried out in the global massmedia, within the art world and on a highly sophisticated technical level in the clandestine matrix of our global networks.
The Bad Guys (The Amazon Noir Crew: Cirio, Lizvlx, Ludovico, Bernhard) stole copyrighted books from Amazon by using sophisticated robot-perversion technology coded by supervillain Paolo Cirio. A subliminal media fight and a covert legal dispute escalated into an online showdown with the heist of over 3000 books at the center of the story.

More on the The Big Book Crime by Regine Debatty on wmmna, also Burak Arikan shares his analysis of the holes in sociable web media systems and is looking for ways to use the holes for reverse exploitation. In his artwork he uses software-as-service strategy.

A while ago, I heard of the WhiteTunes, bad people who used to download high-res iTunes music videos from mac G4's. The WhiteTunes were not responsible for these illegal actions. It was definitely due to these huge temporary/(in)visible files that iTunes was infesting the computer with. Such a software bug is unforgivable!

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