Friday, April 13, 2007

Joshua Bell toujours plus fort!

Tristan sent me the link to this awesome article. Prodige Joshua Bell plays in the subway, no one notices. I think this is so daring of Joshua Bell to play incognito facing the unresponse of the public. It tells a lot about our everyday filter!



Unknown said...

I actually thought this article was really snobby. I mean, it is not practical for people to stop and listen intently while on their way to work, but that doesn't mean those zipping past didn't enjoy the music and the way it redefined the public space.

I know I have zipped past very accomplished street musicians many times in my daily life, and I have a deep appreciation for music and music history.

Unknown said...

yeah, you have a point, that is also why i mentioned that we kind of filter a lot when we are in a rush ... I agree with you: music redefines the public space ...