Friday, July 13, 2007

Light hidden within the wood

Light Play

Back in 2005, I saw the light play table, created by Anab Jain and Stuart Wood, a beautiful fiber optic table of natural light.

Recently I came across the work of the evil mad scientists and the because we can. A table that reacts by light to your motions and without motion it calms down to a very slight attractive twinkling.

The entire table pulls a total of 35 watts when it is fully active. That's less than a single common household light bulb!
Using a network of 32 active and passive near-infrared optical sensors, it detects motion above the table and changes in ambient light. Made of fully analog circuits, the light patterns sweep outwards from your motion with perfect fades, glowing stronger the closer the movement is, rippling across a pool of 480 super-bright white LEDs. It works in full sunlight or total darkness.

The cat is on the table, only his moving tail is setting off the lights

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Wow! That is an interesting piece of information. I really like this idea . . . . thanks for posting and sharing it.