Monday, July 02, 2007

Stone age trepanation Kit

Trepanation Kit, late stone age.

I love this web site of ancient inventions! This one is especially intriguing:

Trepanation is a method of brain surgery whose origins can be traced to the Late Stone Age. Some remote societies still practice it today, and in some tribal cultures of East Africa it has survived as an integral part of traditional medicine. Doctors employed this invasive procedure to relieve distress caused by a variety of disturbances, including skull fractures, parasites, pressure, hydrocephaly, incurable headaches, and even evil spirits. Intricate and refined instruments aided prehistoric surgeons in the different methods of penetrating the skull, and sometimes in actually removing tissue from the brain. --Trepanation Kit, Worldwide, 2000 BCE by Dierdre Crane


Anonymous said...

I was surprised to learn that these were used so early--2000 BC! I know that Romans used them. I wonder what led to late Stone-Age men developing this kind of medicine. I'm off to learn more.

Thanks for posting about this intriguing topic.

Anonymous said...

Documentary Examines Benefits Of Drilling A Hole In One's Head

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It is the strange phenomena of trepanation, the procedure of drilling a small hole through one's skull, that is examined by an hour-long documentary released by alternative/rock musician Cevin Soling. 'A Hole In the Head' examines the development of "modern" trepanation as used by people in the United Kingdom, the United States, and The Netherlands for the purpose of attaining a higher level of consciousness.

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