Sunday, July 22, 2007

Music videos: after the e-baby ...

E-baby Produced by Pleix / Chased by Cowboys. Music: Bleip. 2003.

Beauty kit Produced by Pleix. Music: Bleip. 2001.

Music videos that mainly deal with the question of the influence of technology on our lives such as biotechnology, media and plastic surgery, etc ... Pleix is a virtual community of digital artists -3d, musicians, graphic designers- based in Paris. I like their progression from the beauty kit, the e-baby: how to order a baby online, to birds as flying dogs: the imagery is stunning, to the complete human assimilation of freaky gigantic robotic-plastic rabbit.

Birds Produced by Pleix / Blink. Music: Vitalic. PIAS. 2006.

All their videos.
Check also Régine Debatty's report on Pleix's talk.

E-baby video

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