Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Transformable Toys

It started with transformable sculptures: The “expanding geodesic dome” from 1991 at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey - Via Pingmag

Last time I visited her in San Francisco, my friend Kimiko Ryokai gave me this awesome toy. A ball that changes its shape and color when flipped in the air! This tricky toy was invented by the famous kinetic sculptor Chuck Hoberman. An interview on Pingmag recently covers his background, creations and inspirations.

Switch Pitch by Chuck Hoberman. Image from Educational Innovations

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the Hoberman link ... it's one thing to design such objects on a computer, another altogether to build them in the real world. Anyone else though feel a little victimized having their browser constantly resize? I've never been to a site before where the author effectively says, "you *will* view this at 800 pixels wide."