Saturday, February 24, 2007

The launch of the Distance Lab

The Distance Lab is now opening! The Distance Lab is a new digital media research institute based in the beautiful and culturally-rich north of Scotland.

The mission of Distance Lab is to invent new technologies and experiences that challenge the way we think about distance and help overcome its disadvantages in learning, health care, relationships, culture, and other areas.

Based on the research done at the Media Lab Europe in Dublin, and more specifically in a research group named Human Connectedness, Distance Lab will expand on many of the themes from this group as it develops a similar demo-based culture full of talented engineers, designers, and artists from all over the world.

Distance Lab is now recruiting RAs and interns and if you are interested to apply for a position there, visit the Distance Lab web site

The ones already on board: Dr. Stefan Agamanolis, Matt Karau, Andrea Taylor and Joelle Bitton.

Raw: Joelle Bitton's master piece created with Matt Karau and Stefan Agamanolis at Media Lab Europe
Raw is an audio/photographic tool for conveying minimally-mediated impressions of everyday life. More about Raw

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