Saturday, February 03, 2007

Digital technologies make us re-evaluate the physical world

For my PhD I research on how digital technologies make us re-evaluate the physical world. We perceive a new physicality through digital materials. This modification of our perception of the environment is developed through our experience with the digital. I am creating products that reflect this digital influence that I will post soon on the blog.

I am designing Jewelry in the form of arial patterns of a city. My vision is to have in miniature the multitude of patterns that one can see from a distance. The research implication/discussion is now that we constantly travel by plane, use GIS, google map, satellite imagery, our vision is expanded. We now consider differently objects, we have a different representation to them. As much as the car has influenced painting and the representation of space and movement, I want to show how the use of new technologies can change our way to design objects.

Today I found on Idealist an interesting related product to my research, and to a certain extent art work, The palm-size Tersumus eraser. This eraser made by artlebedev borrows its shape from the well-known key on a computer keyboard.

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