Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sensory experiences

Today I watched Signers Koffer by Peter Liechti (1995, 81 min.), a movie on action sculptures made by the Swiss artist Roman Signer. Signer uses common household objects sometimes in addition to his own body to create a combination of explosive, compressed and released sculptures. He plays with compression and expansion such as in a harm stretch that gives a sense of pleasure. He works on the ideal speed. He uses his body in extreme conditions to engage in a personal discussion with nature. He borrows activities that use nature, readapt nature, and destroy nature. He re-instantiates the viewer shock that can happen facing consequences of natural catastrophes, and this within his action sculptures. He collects and revisits specific polish toys, toys that are charged with a period, a sense of magic. He describes their form, their functions in relation to their history and sometimes misery.

I had difficulty finding media about his work online, however a german band called Blumentopf borrowed and recompiled visuals of the movie.
Sequences from the Movie.

The sculptural actions of Roman Signer reminds me of the Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa.

Taking nothing seriously and recognizing our sensations as the only reality we have for certain, we take refuge there, exploring them like large unknown countries. And if we apply ourselves diligently not only to aesthetic contemplation but also to the expression of its methods and results, it's because the poetry or prose we write - devoid of any desire to move anyone else's will or to mould anyone's understandng - is merely like when a reader reads out loud to fully objectify the subjective pleasure of reading.

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