Friday, February 16, 2007

Graphic design magazines for download

From Blanket magazine

I found on Etienne Mineur's blog an inspiring web site that regroups free&downloadable magazines in .pdf format. Inspiring for its distribution format and also its content. The magazines propose illustrations, graphic design, photography, sometimes articles.

I have selected a few among the a lot i looked at:

  • LAB MAG includes MIT visual art :)
  • The Royal Magazine
  • Cobalt Revolter fashion & stars
  • Blanket
  • Candy Culture
  • Wall Spankers B&W graphics
  • Poor designers Poor but kewl
  • Multi Link
  • Cru-a Awesome urban/graffiti collection
  • Grafikal
  • Stirato Includes an illustrated tarots set
  • Vernissage TV Interviews with artists
  • DIF MAG fashion
  • pornoffiti funny fonts
  • Arriba A bit of everything
  • Lab Zine Nice mix between graphics & articles
  • cuemix interviews with DJ's about their music process
  • Pictre-mag If you use flickr and a camera, this is the way to see your pictures in a nice layout printed format magazine!

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