Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Charles Goldman

Sculptor Charles Goldman says : TIME + DISTANCE = EXPERIENCE.
So I look at his on work on his web site work and find ...

Spruce / Spree (2005) A grass-dressed shopping cart that was apparently chained up at various locations throughout a developing neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY ...

Finally, the chain was clipped and the shopping cart was confiscated

Elsewhere (2000) and in particular Infinity Walk, wood, 32' x 16' x 8'. It is an iconic infinity sign.
"In elevation, the walkway rises, falls and turns underneath itself, providing a never-ending pathway that the visitor may follow."

The work dealt with the repetative nature of time and experience.

Scrapwood (1998) made of 6,144 cubic feet of scrapwood and cardboard.
"About two years worth -- 18 boxes -- of wood scraps are assembled site-specifically, according to whim and using only gravity. "


Charles Goldman's web site

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