Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Clothing with memories

For my sculpture class, I created a dress that works as a low-tech magnetic tape of tactile sensations. I vaccum formed hands, objects, textures throughout the fabric of a dress I made in transparent plastic.

I depart from scarring on the body: tatoos, percings, scarves in our western societies. I am looking for envelops: mental but also physical. These envelops that people try to create after traumas. I want to represent these envelops in a sculptural form.

I would like to create a skin shell, in the form of a coat, that can be worn. A skin shell that is a souvenir of a previous body and that was left out. This skin shell that showcases traces of influences, people, and objects. Yet I want this skin to be vulnerable, fragile. A skin that tries to protect, to be useful and accepted. I also want the skin to be obvious and a showcase of its internal fight.

I like the vinyl raincoat metaphor because it protects against the rain, but it does not comfort, nor does it contain. It does not isolate, because it is transparent. It feels vulnerable. I was envisioning creating clothing elements in transparent vinyl / PVC / plastic. Vinyl could symbolize the material used for the outside against the rain. Clothing and fashion, the showcase. A coat could work as to represent the cocoon, the shell, a protection against the outside.

I mold objects, textures, persons within the transparent pieces of clothing, objects that have been internalized and been forced to appear for a showcase. It has to be a mess of objects, or organs or things that can show the violence of the showcase done onto someone.

Because I want this sculpture to be a left over of a fight, I want it to be left on the ground, like an animal mutation. Yet in this case it could also be re-worn and re-appropriated.


csven said...


Unknown said...

why what?

csven said...

Why a souvenir of a previous body preceding a trauma? Why show the violence done onto someone instead of a non-attributed accident, or self-inflicted violence?

Why this subject matter? What attracts you to it and what do you want to communicate through your work? Will it be sad or will it be hopeful... a metamorphosis?

Unknown said...

I tried to shift the perception of people on the clothing, from being something utalitarian to something that is personal and has its own memory.

I chose the internal conflict of someone to be showcased: as in the work of artists in a museum exhibit for instance.

What interest me is the piece of clothing as a cliche, and reappropriate it in something completly personal. The work represents this conflict between the personal and the showcase.